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2021/2. Old friends and partners: Allan Bowe as an associate of Carl Fabergé. Boris Gorelik

2021/1. Methinks A Diamond Ring is a Vast Addition to the little Finger of a Gentleman: the use, importance and significance of diamond rings to men of the eighteenth century. Rachel Church

2020/3. The Portrait Jewels of Charles Ricketts (1866–1931). Helen Ritchie

2020/2. Augmented Portraits: An Alternative Approach to Seventeenth-Century Mourning Jewellery. Anna Venturini

2020/1. Re-discovering Post-War British Modernist Jewellery. Sarah Rothwell

2018/3. Trivia Talmudica: Towards the Identification of the Goldsmith’s Working Tools. Tziona Grossmark

2018/2. The Surviving Rings of the Serjeants at Law. Mark Emanuel

2018/1. A Rediscovered Poniatowski Gem in the National Museum in Krakow. Paweł Gołyźniak

2016/3. A Brief History of Dunedin Jewellers in New Zealand since the Gold Rush. Alexander Trapeznik

2016/2. Nineteenth-Century Australian Goldfields Jewellery. Dorothy Erickson

2016/1. Jewellery by James W. R. Linton. An Aesthetic Approach. Dorothy Erickson

2015. The Cullinan Diamond and its true story. Boris Gorelik

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Jewellery Studies Volume 12 (2012)

Julia Kagan. Homage to her 80th Birthday. Ingrid S. Weber

List of Publications on the History of Western European and Russian Glyptic Arts. Julia Kagan

On the Authorship and Dating of a Two-sided Cameo with a Portrait of Cosimo III Medici in the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. Julia Kagan

Three Royal Swords emerge from the Past. Leslie Southwick

The Stuart Jewels - Their Travels and Travails. Stephen J. Patterson

Dacian Gold Treasures from Transylvania. Barbara Deppert-Lippitz

The Victorian Passion for Peasant Jewellery. Jane Perry

A Chronicle of the "Three Brothers" jewel between 1623 and c.1644. David Humphrey

A Creative Journey. Dorothy Hogg

Maharajas, Pearls and Oriental Influences: Jacques Cartier's Voyages to the East in the Early Twentieth Century. Francesca Cartier Brickell

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Jewellery Studies Volume 11 (2008)

Tribute to Hugh Tait (1927 - 2005). Founder and Past President of the Society of Jewellery Historians.

Hugh Tait: List of Publications. Philippa Glanville

Tribute to Kenneth Snowman (1920 - 2002). Past President of the Society of Jewellery Historians. Charles Truman

Bronze Age Penannular Gold Rings from the British Isles: Technology and Composition. Nigel D. Meeks, Paul T. Craddock & Stuart P. Needham

The case of the "Chinese" Rubies. Christopher Cavey & Nigel Israel

John Northam, Goldsmith, Jeweller and Boxmaker. Leslie Southwick

Written Sources on the History of Goldsmithing Techniques from the Beginnings to the End of the 12th Century. Jochem Wolters

David Watkins: Personal Perspectives. Lecture given to the Society of Jewellery Historians in 2001. David Watkins

About Alfred André (1839 - 1919). Francisca Constantini Lachat

Two Crowns made by Omar Ramsden for Our Lady's Statue in the new Westminster Cathedral. Clare Lloyd Jacob

A Group of Mourning Rings. Simon Bendall

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Jewellery Studies Volume 10 (2004)

Foreword. Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah

The Jewelled Objects of Hindustan. Assadullah Souren Melikian-Chirvani

A Splendid Harmony: Mughal Jewellery and Dress. Jennifer Scarce

Jewels for the Great Mughal: Goa a centre of the Gem Trade in the Orient. Nuno Vassallo e Silva

The Sublime Thrones of the Mughal Emperors of Hindustan. Susan Stronge

Non-Imperial Mughal Sources for Jades and Jade Simulants in South Asia. Stephen Markel

Mughal Arms and the Indian Court Tradition. Robert Elgood

The Enamel Road, from Sienna, Paris, London and Lisbon, leads to Lucknow. Manuel Keene

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Jewellery Studies Volume 9 (2001)

The Creation of the Cartier Collection. Eric Nussbaum

Cartier in the Nineteenth Century. Judy Rudoe

The Chinese Inspiration in Cartier's Work. Carol Michaelson

Cartier and the East. Susan Stronge

The Taste for `barbaric splendour': Daisy Fellowes and her `Hindu' Necklace. Judy Rudoe

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Jewellery Studies Volume 8 (1998)

The All Souls' Jewel: the enameller's art, deliberate or accidental tinting? S.G.E Bowman & C.P. Stapleton

Valerio Belli and after: Renaissance gems in the British Museum. Dora Thornton

Edwin Streeter; further research. Patrick Streeter

The Guilton brooch: the earliest medieval cloisonné enamel in western Europe? A Middleton, F Shearman, C Stapleton, S Youngs, D Buckton

'Medius liquidis astris': Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces on Graeco-Roman amulets. Dimitris Plantzos

Niello before the Romans. Susan La Niece

The manufacture of ancient beaded wire: experiments and observations. Niamh Whitfield

A Byzantine gold collar from Assiût: a technological study. Barbara Niemeyer

Robert Abraham Phillips and his family. Betty E Powe

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Jewellery Studies Volume 7 (1996)

The myth of the Timur Ruby. Susan Stronge

Work of Thorns. Vivienne Farmer

The pearl in classical jewellery. Jack Ogden

Edwin Streeter's pearling expeditions. Patrick Streeter

Contemporary pearl jewellery. Jane Sarginson

The 'incredulity of St Thomas' jewel (pre-1837) and related fakes prior to Vasters. Hugh Tait

Jewellery and the Gododdin poem. Craig Cessford

The recognition and nomenclature of quartz materials with specific reference to engraved gemstones. Margaret Sax

A rediscovered gem collection in Bath. Gertrud Seidmann

The jewellery of James V, King of Scots. Rosalind Marshall

Lost and found. Jack Ogden

News about Marchant. Gertrud Seidmann

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Jewellery Studies Volume 6 (1993)

Jewellery from Kiev. Patricia Griffin

The Portuguese gem trade in the sixteenth century. Nuno Vassallo e Silva

The "Libres de Passantia" of the silversmiths of Barcelona (16th -19th centuries). Margarita Tintó

Stephen Twycross, London jeweller, and his American patrons. Martha Gandy Fales

The jewellery of Janet Payne Bowles. W Scott Braznell with B Shifman

Dutch costume jewellery in the early twentieth century. Annelies Krekel-Aalberse

Self portrait. Jacqueline Mina

Some 'cross pendants of the eastern Awelimmiden Tuareg of Niger'. Mark Milburn

Granulation and a Greek astronaut. Jack Ogden

A pair of Islamic gold bracelets reunited. Paul Jett

Some eighteenth & nineteenth century jewellery alloys. Jack Ogden

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Jewellery Studies Volume 5 (1991)

Reynold Alleyne Higgins, MA, LittD, FBA, FSA. Elizabeth Goring

Etruscan and other early gold wire from Italy. Judith Swaddling, Andrew Oddy and Nigel Meeks

The early bejewelled Lady of the Acropolis. Richard Nicholls

Colour Questions. John Boardman

Classical gold finger-rings in the British Museum. D Bailey

The significance of double-row granulation from Palestrina. Robert Baines

Antique gems in Roman Britain. Martin Henig

Some unpublished jewellery from Roman Britain. Catherine Johns

Technological characteristics of Roman enamels. J Henderson

Lady from Miletopolis. D Williams, V Tatton-Brown, S Walker

Pendants for eunuchs. I Jenkins

Classical gold wire: some aspects of its manufacture and use. Jack Ogden

Alessandro Castellani's letters to Henry Layard (revival of granulation). Judy Rudoe

A most remarkable cameo. Charlotte Gere

A collection of casts from gems depicting famous men in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.Gertrud Seidmann

Charles Locke Eastlake as a designer of jewellery.Diana Scarisbrick

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Jewellery Studies Volume 4 (1990)

Late antique jewellery: pierced-work and hollow beaded wire. Jack Ogden and Simon Schmidt

Round wire in the early Middle Ages. Niamh Whitfield

Goldsmith's work at the court of Süleyman the Magnificent. Rachel Ward

The Choschen presented by the Jews of Prague to Kaiser Rudolf II. Ann Swersky

Roman jewellery of the 17th to early 19th centuries. Stefano Aluffi Pentini

A sapphire cameo portrait of `Madame'. Gertrud Seidmann

Roman gem engravers in the 18th and 19th centuries. L Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli

The `Lombard Treasure' 1930-1990. Dafydd Kidd

Wendy Ramshaw, artist jeweller. Wendy Ramshaw

Queen Mary and the New College jewel. Diana Scarisbrick

Garter rings. Edward Donohoe

Jewels of the Second Empire: 3 pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Clare Le Corbeiller

The design book of Fabergé's jewellery. Marina Lopato

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Jewellery Studies Volume 3 (1989)

Joining techniques in ancient gold jewellery. A Duval, C Eluere and L Hurtel

A comparison of recent analyses of British late Bronze Age goldwork with Irish parallels. D Hook and S Needham

Romano-British plate brooches: composition and decoration. J Bayley and S Butcher

Composition & construction of a Byzantine torc. M Hockley

The "Sternsee jewel": is Lady Charlotte Schreiber's `greatest trouvaille' a fake? Hugh Tait

From oroide to platinageld: imitation jewellery in the late 19th century. Judy Rudoe

Edward Everett Oakes (1891-1960): a master craftsman from Boston, Mass. Edith Alpers

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her dove mosaic brooch.Diana Scarisbrick

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Jewellery Studies Volume 2 (1985)

Recent discoveries of Western Asiatic jewellery. K Maxwell-Hyslop

Roman double finger-rings. C S Lightfoot

The Oxwich brooch. J M Lewis

The "tablet" and the girdle-prayerbook at the Renaissance court of Henry VIII. Hugh Tait

An English gem-engraver's life: Nathaniel Marchant (1739-1816). Gertrud Seidmann

The mayoral chain of Flint, North Wales: a rare appearance of the "archaeological style" in civic regalia. Judy Rudoe

A mourning ring of 1690. Claude Blair

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Jewellery Studies Volume 1 (1983-4)

A Phoenician earring: a scientific examination. W.A.Oddy, N.D.Meeks and J.M.Ogden

The beauty of holiness: opus interrasile from a Late Antique workshop. David Buckton

Ottonischer Fibelschmuck, neue Funde und Überlegungen. Hiltrud Westermann-Augerhausen

Daniel between the lions: a new sardonyx cameo for the British Museum. Paul Williamson

Jewish marriage rings. Gertrud Seidmann

A late medieval love jewel. John Cherry

Mughal jewellery. Sue Stronge

Royal Wedding jewellery, 1863. Diana Scarisbrick

The Layards, Cortelazzo and Castellani: new information from the diaries of Lady Layard. Judy Rudoe