Lists of books on jewellery

This archive of books of interest to jewellery historians contains titles noted by Jewellery History Today. They have been grouped under the following general categories. The lists are not exhaustive, but include most books on the subject published recently. Those listed in the most recent issue of JHT are available here. For fuller selected bibliographies of jewellery books (members only), click here.
If there are any titles which should be added to these lists, please let us know here.

Other resources - The Goldsmiths' Company Library

The Goldsmiths' Company Library is a reference-only collection which specialises in silver, jewellery, and hallmarking. The library collections include over 8,000 books and more than 15,000 images. Other resources include journals, films and special research collections such as the Twining Collection on regalia and royal jewellery.

Approximately one quarter of the Library holdings are searchable in the online catalogue here.

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