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2021/1. Methinks A Diamond Ring is a Vast Addition to the little Finger of a Gentleman: the use, importance and significance of diamond rings to men of the eighteenth century. Rachel Church

2020/3. The Portrait Jewels of Charles Ricketts (1866–1931). Helen Ritchie

Jewellery Studies Online

2020/1. Re-discovering Post-War British Modernist Jewellery. Sarah Rothwell

2020/2. Augmented Portraits: An Alternative Approach to Seventeenth-Century Mourning Jewellery. Anna Venturini

2018/1. A Rediscovered Poniatowski Gem in the National Museum in Krakow. Paweł Gołyźniak

2018/2. The Surviving Rings of the Serjeants at Law. Mark Emanuel

2018/3. Trivia Talmudica: Towards the Identification of the Goldsmith’s Working Tools. Tziona Grossmark

2016/1. Jewellery by James W. R. Linton. An Aesthetic Approach. Dorothy Erickson

2016/2. Nineteenth-Century Australian Goldfields Jewellery. Dorothy Erickson

2016/3. A Brief History of Dunedin Jewellers in New Zealand since the Gold Rush. Alexander Trapeznik

2015. The Cullinan Diamond and its true story. Boris Gorelik

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