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Current and future exhibitions which might be of interest to jewellery historians. Please let us know if there are any which we have missed.

Current Exhibitions


Jewellery Museums

All the museums in this list have some jewellery in their collections, but some may not be on display. Please check in advance before visiting a museum, to avoid disappointment.

Museums in UK

Museums in Europe (ex.UK)

Bibliographies (members only)

We have detailed bibliographies for only a small number of subjects at present. We will expand this list as soon as possible.

Silver marks

European traditional jewellery

Recent jewellery books

We are also listing here books which have been published in the past year or so, and are of relevance to our members. If you know of any other recent publications of this kind, please let us know.

Recent Publications


Jewellery History courses

Regular courses, talks or lectures which concern the history of jewellery, by external organisations. The SJH also runs a series of lectures each year, which includes aspects of the whole range of jewellery history. For details of the current season, and past years, click here.

Jewellery history courses

There are also many organisations which provide courses on jewellery manufacture, which are not covered here.